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Add the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your content.

Lateral Minds Solutions

We distinguish ourselves by providing high-automation solutions using machine learning and large language models to address the on-going challenges of Enterprise Content Management – reducing complexity and expediting implementations whilst minimising cost and change management. Our solutions deliver:

Federation Services

Consolidating any number of content repositories without migrating or moving repositories.

Classification and Categorisation

Fully automating the classification and categorisation of content to enable seamless integration of operational, governance and compliance taxonomies.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Automating the collection and enrichment of metadata to facilitate the analysis and reporting of content across any number of repositories – be it file system, Cloud storages such as OneDrive, Google Drives or SharePoint, or legacy repositories.


Digital Media Centre

This module provides a Digital Asset Management application on top of Alfresco Share. Content Transcoding, IPTC/EXIF/XMP Metadata support, Content Production and Campaign Workflows, Gallery views and in-browser multimedia previews are some of the core features you'll experience in this module. 


Discover your collection and weave together its story visually.  Access your assets from any device, anywhere.


Secure your assets centrally with enterprise-grade access control.  Use Digital Rights Management for automating usage and managing your exposure.  Audit and report on compliance.


Excite and attract customers, wherever they are.  Powerful multi-channel publishing to websites, exhibition microsites and social media.  Enrich the physical experience with video walls and beacon technology for location-based content targeting.


Accelerate the digitisation of your Collection with powerful workflow.  Enable your staff to make requests and creatives to respond and deliver.  Report on KPIs and measure your process.


Auto-create asset derivatives, in any format, in multiple resolutions, on the fly.  Automate the application of your watermark, resize and crop for use in emails, PowerPoint or high resolution Publications.


Plug into your Collection Management software.  Built-in support for rich metadata standards (VRA Core, Dublin Core, IPTC, XMP etc) and OAI-PMH.  Web services API and open standards across the board.

ISO16175 Records Management Module

This module provides a fully featured standards-based Records Management functionality that meets the ISO16175 standard, as recommended by National Archives Australia and Archives New Zealand. The module will provide over 85% out of the box functionality match with the ISO16175 standard. It also provides powerful "In Place" Records Management features. 

Content Ingestion Engine

No Repository is useful without the content. Our High Throughput Content Ingestion Engine makes Content Ingestion and Migration a breeze. Its blazingly fast, in fact we've benchmarked it at over 60,000 documents per hour! It handles metadata, it provides exception handling and notifications. We've used it to ingest over 35 million documents for one of our customers. Its technology you can rely on. 


Visual Portal

infoBridge Visual Portal uses Dynamic Data Aggregation technology and industry standard Map-driven user interfaces like Google Maps, Google Earth and GIS systems to provide Visual Querying of your data.

Content Intelligence Engine

Part of the cycle of maturity of managing your information better is how you can report on what is in the repository. Alfresco doesnt provide tools for this so we have. The Content Intelligence Engine integrates a powerful Business Intelligence Framework directly into Share. You can use the Report tool to create your report templates, load them into the BI server and they are instantly available in Alfresco Share for you to run against your content...and even better, once you've run a report, the results can be rendered inside Alfresco Share and stored as a node in the repository for you to view again, or retain as a record. System Administration reports, Records Management Reports, Content Usage reports...they are all there at your fingertips. 

Alfresco Plus including Lifecycle Module

Alfresco Plus is a bundle of useful add-ons for Alfresco that have been developed on various customer projects and make a significant difference to the usability and functionality of your ECM deployment. The features include:

  • Lifecycle Module: When you want to manage a document or its container throughout its lifecycle you need the Lifecycle Module. This module was implemented to provide Case Management features in Alfresco. We've used it to manage GIPA/FOI requests, Ministerial Correspondence, Marketing Campaigns, Legal Matters and Contracts. Its flexible, powerful and requires only scripting to heavyweight programming or Workflow development.

  • Smart Search: A search extension that allows the development of search templates - pre-defined queries that makes your Alfresco search act like Apple's Spotlight

  • DocMinder: Enables a document or fodler in the Alfresco repository to be opened (and edited - in the case of document) in a desktop application directly from the Web Browser. Any type of document which has been associated with a Desktop application can be opened using DocMinder. This is similar to the functionality provided by Sharepoint Edit Online but works for all applications, not just MS Office.

  • Document Subscriptions: Allows a user to subscribe to be notified by email when changes are made to a document. 

Entity Extraction

Sentiment Analysis

Cost Reduction

Operations Automation

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