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zip .zip .rar.News Release | Contact A stunning breakthrough in the field of physics has just been announced by researchers at The University of Newcastle, marking the first ever measurement of the momentum of an object as it falls from the top of a skyscraper. University researchers have just taken a massive leap forward in the field of quantum mechanics as the first ever measurement of the momentum of an object falling from the top of a building has been made. The breakthrough will have an immediate and significant impact on the building industry as it will change the way building materials are designed. "It's the first time this has ever been measured and it could have a huge effect on skyscraper design," Dr Matt Cottingham said. Dr Cottingham and his team of scientists at the University's Centre for Quantum Dynamics have used a combination of high-speed cameras and other optical equipment to observe a 100 g mass of gold falling from the top of a skyscraper. The team were able to measure not only the exact amount of momentum the falling object had, but also how that momentum changed over the 4.7-second period the object fell. "The speed at which the object was falling was so high that we were able to see it speed up by approximately 20% when it reached free-fall velocity," Dr Cottingham said. "It was also observed that as the speed of the object increased, the effect of air drag became more pronounced and the object was able to slow itself before hitting the ground. "By measuring the momentum, and observing how that changed over time, we've been able to tell exactly how that momentum changes, and we now have a method that can be used to help design skyscraper materials." The team's findings have also been applied to help design parachutes, which are made from the same material as skydives are made from. Dr Cottingham said the team was excited about the potential that their findings had in so many different fields. "This is exactly why we do research. We want to understand how things work so we can then apply those understandings to other areas of science, and then use our new insights to develop new technologies." Dr Cottingham's research was featured on ABC News Breakfast this morning as part of the program's 'breakfast news day' where a special edition of this program will be broadcast on Tuesday 10 March. In an ironic way,



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Power World Simulator 16.rar fronfin

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